Josh Duhamel Appears to Have Married Audra Mari, Parties in Fargo Bar

Josh Duhamel Appears to Have Married Audra Mari, Parties in Fargo Bar

Josh Duhamel
Appears To Have Married …
Parties at Local Fargo Bar!

9/10/2022 6: 00 PM PT

Josh Duhamel seems to have gone back to his roots to apparently say “I do” with Audra Mari, only to then hit up a local watering hole near his stomping grounds.

Eyewitnesses are telling us the actor got hitched Saturday in Fargo, North Dakota — a ways from his hometown in Minot, where he was born and raised — and looks to have done the deed atop a rooftop at a place called the Jasper Hotel … this according to someone who claims they saw the set up and ceremony from across the way.

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Afterward, we’re told Josh and Audra popped into a tavern in town known as Duffy’s … where they were knocking a few back and enjoying their time with the patrons on hand. The owner of the place, Chris Litton, tells us it was super casual — just Josh, Audra and about half a dozen people who came in for drinks and hung around for 30 minutes before splitting.

As you can see in a photo on Duffy’s FB Page, Josh is wearing his tuxedo and Audra is wearing her wedding gown. It looks like they are having a great time. According to our sources, JD and the missus may have been bar hopping after the wedding. It’s possible that they were on the way to the reception.

We know they were there… Josh posted a photo of Fargo’s local brewery on Friday.

Assuming they did, in fact, get married — which certainly seems to be the case — it’s not that surprising that Josh did something this down to earth … the dude is known for being super humble and not nearly as into the Hollywood lifestyle other celebs are. He’s further proving he’s a salt of the earth kinda guy, as he does for Audra!

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He had previously stated that he didn’t need or want much flash when it comes to his nuptials. Other than close friends, good tunes, and maybe a shot or two.

Josh and Audra announced their engagement in January, this after being together for since at least late 2019. He was previously married to Fergie, but they divorced the year he met AM. We reached out to Josh’s team to confirm — but at all rate,… congrats!!!

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