Ezra Miller Exposé Details Alleged Troubling Behavior Surrounding Arrests

Ezra Miller Exposé Details Alleged Troubling Behavior Surrounding Arrests

Ezra Miller allegedly thought of themselves as a Jesus figure — and apparently ran with a posse of misfits while also retaining an arsenal fit for a small war … this per a new bombshell expose detailing what was going on surrounding their 2022 arrests.

Vanity Fair has a new piece out titled, “Ezra Miller’s ‘Messiah’ Delusions: Inside The Flash Star’s Dark Spiral” — and it’s as juicy and drama-filled as the headline suggests.

New: Ezra Miller’s arrest earlier this year was just one turn in a troubling downward spiral. The actor has been putting their careers at risk and threatening their safety, as well as others’ safety, for the past two years. https://t.co/9TXFdCQWoN

— VANITY FAIR (@VanityFair) September 18, 2022

The story is absurd… it claims, through several unidentified sources, that Ezra ran a harem/convent at his Vermont ranch where they had multiple firearms and other weaponry.

People cited in the long article describe bizarre rituals Ezra would host — touting themselves to be a real-life superhero akin the Flash and even having an altar at their house where they could host sermons and burn sage.


One wild anecdote says Ezra went ballistic during one of these meetings, demanding that Susan Sarandon come to pay tribute at the altar for snubbing them from a dinner party.

The piece also describes Ezra as becoming more and more erratic as the pandemic was getting underway — evidenced in the video of them apparently choking a woman in Iceland — and completely spiraling in 2022 when they went to Hawaii with a young activist … whose parents have alleged Ezra was controlling via insidious tactics, which the kid has denied.

VF’s story details all sorts of out-there tales about things Ezra has allegedly done over the past few years — outside of their legal issues, which are well-documented — including wandering the streets in search of downtrodden young people to rope into their way of life, arming themselves to the teeth/having weapons sprawled out everywhere, tormenting those closest to them via diatribes/firings/scoldings and more. It’s a deep dive that is sure to disturb.

Another fascinating aspect is the idea that Ezra’s close friends question their queerness. It’s well-known Ezra publicly identified as non-binary. They even suggested they weaponize their identity when it suits. However, they seem to not mind being misgendered behind closed doors when they’re calm and in private.



BTW – Vanity Fair reports on Ezra’s legal troubles. It says that a majority have almost disappeared… suggesting that Ezra or their team have paid most of their victims, citing at minimum one NDA they viewed, and others they have heard about.

Of course, the backdrop of all this is Ezra’s movie, ‘The Flash,’ which they are apparently very interested in salvaging … as is Warner Bros. Ezra has since said they’re seeking treatment for mental health issues, and they apologized for their erratic behavior of late.

MARCH 2022


At this point, it sounds like Warner has decided to plow ahead with the release of this film in 2023 — despite all the problems that have arisen … which this story crystalizes quite well.

Time will show if the gamble pays off. Apparently, screenings of “The Flash” have been well received by audiences. It’ll be interesting to see whether people flock to see it regardless.

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