Eight Sleep vs. Dock Pro – Don’t Make This Mistake

Eight Sleep vs. Dock Pro – Don’t Make This Mistake

Eight Sleep Pod vs Dock Pro Sleep System – which is the best cooling mattress topper? You won’t have to suffer from night sweats again, you can get more energy and recover faster as an athlete by getting better sleep. Both cooling systems are amazing, but only one can win!

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00: 00 – Intro
00: 26 – Size, Form Factor, & Look
03: 23 – Setup & Maintenance – Water Reservoir
04: 34 – Noise/Sound Test
05: 05 – Heating & Cooling Power Test
08: 46 – Thermal Camera Test
10: 05 – Software & App
10: 25 – Price & Discount codes
11: 50 Don’t Make a Mistake!

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