Best laptop deals in September 2022

Best laptop deals in September 2022

We’ve taken the hard work out of the hunt for a new laptop as you can find all of this week’s best laptop deals right here. There are some terrific savings right now on devices across all price ranges. So, if you need a cheap Chromebook, a budget-friendly mid-range machine or a powerful ultrabook we’ve got some options for you below.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve got $100 or $1,000 to spend, you can find a variety of options to suit your requirements. The Labor Day sales are now behind us, but there are still some offers live following that event – just don’t expect them to be as substantial as earlier this month. After that, it will be until the Black Friday deals in November when we’ll see more of the best laptop deals this year.

Many of the laptops listed here also come fully recommended from TechRadar reviewers, who’ve assembled our best laptops guide, too, so know you’re getting a quality device.

If you take a look at this week’s best laptop deals and find you need a few more specific options, you can check out more Chromebook deals for cheap devices running the Chrome OS. We’ve also got an eye on all the latest MacBook deals for those after a discounted Apple device. And for the gamers, you’d be better suited over on our guide to this week’s cheap gaming laptop deals as the models on this page are built with browsing, work and general use in mind – not gaming.

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Laptop deals: our buying advice

When you start looking for laptop deals it can be overwhelming if you’re not sure where to start. You may have an idea of how much you want to spend, what you need the device for or what key features you want included. But what else should you consider before hitting that buy button to be sure you’ve got the best deal possible?

Here’s a few words of advice from us based on our experience hunting down the best laptop deals.

How much should I spend on a laptop?

The answer to this really comes down to what you need the laptop to do. 

If you just need a very basic device to check your emails, do a bit of light admin and generally browse the internet, then you should be find to spend anywhere less than $300 on a laptop. Devices in this price range usually come with lower-end components, but they will handle these light tasks without issue and have a good amount of in-built storage for all your key files and applications.

If it’s a device for a youngster for their school work, you can go even cheaper at $200 or less. Look out for a Chromebook in particular. These run the Chrome OS which is less demanding that Windows, plus, they often boast the best battery life so are good if you need a device that lasts all day without the need for charging.

For those after a general all-purpose device with a bit more power behind it, you’re looking at spending around $400 – $600. Laptops in this range come with more powerful processors and more RAM to give you a considerable performance boost over cheaper models that run faster and load programs quicker. Look for at least an Intel i5 / AMD Ryzen 5 and 8GB of RAM, here. If you’re at the upper end of that bracket, it’s worth paying extra to get 16GB RAM if you can to dramatically improve the device’s multitasking capabilities and overall performance.

Next, is the high-end devices of $600 or more. Here is where you can find premium laptops from the likes of HP, Dell and Apple. These are good for users with more demanding workloads, including video and photo editing, as well as more intensive tasks. Machines like the MacBook Air and XPS 13 are big investments, but will usually last you a long time compared to cheaper devices so could work out as better value for money in the end, too.

Our weekly guide to the best laptop deals features a range of devices to suit every budget from $100 to $1,000, so you should be able to find something that fits your specific needs while also sticking to your chosen price range.

How do you decide what’s a good laptop deal?

That comes down to what’s included in the price. As we’ve been tracking all the best laptop deals for a number of years now, we have a solid idea of what level of performance and components you can get for your money. Using that as a baseline, we can pick out the treasures from the trash.

We also take into consideration what you might need a laptop for based on the money you have to spend. So, if it’s just a basic device for some light work, general browsing and media streaming, there’s no point recommending a $1,000 laptop for that as it would be completely unnecessary. Instead, we look at devices between $100 – $300 that could handle those tasks and recommend some laptop deals accordingly.

However, if there’s a particularly good reason to spend a little extra money (maybe for some extra performance-boosting RAM or a healthy storage upgrade) then we’ll mention that too for your consideration. Sometimes it’s worth that investment to better future-proof yourself and end up with a noticeably better device.

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