Actionable Labs is an American based combination Data Mining, Statistical Analysis, Business Intelligence, Artificial Intelligence, Think Tank, and Research Company. Founder Dean Hoffman has over twenty-five years of experience as an award-winning quantitative researcher, software developer, and serial entrepreneur. Actionable Labs understands that gathering data for analysis is essential. Still, one needs to be able to differentiate between data that is merely important, and data that has leverage. That skill is the linchpin in Actionable Lab’s know-how.

Actionable Labs
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Dean Hoffman


Dean Hoffman


A highly accomplished and top-performing software developer & data analyst with over 20 years of experience. talented in business intelligence, quant trading, data modeling, data mining, statistical analysis, risk management, SQL Server, machine learning, web development, data visualization, and public speaking.

An innovator who continually meets clients’ expectations and excels in high-pressure environments. Outstanding business acumen; to strategize new business opportunities, initiatives, and ventures. Offering the highest commitment to excellence, personal integrity, and business ethics.


Twice Awarded as Creator of One of “The Top 10 Trading Systems of all Time” – Futures Magazine 

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