Welcome to Actionable Labs.

“If you’re busy explaining the data,
you won’t be busy acting on it.”

What we do

At Actionable Labs we are Analysis Ninjas that deliver actionable insights.


A data scientist is someone who can obtain, scrub, explore, model, and interpret data, blending hacking, statistics, and machine learning. Data scientists not only are adept at working with data, but appreciate data itself as a first-class product.

Everything we do in the digital realm—from surfing the web to sending an email to conducting a credit card transaction to, yes, making a phone call—creates a data trail. And if that trail exists, chances are someone is using it—or will be soon enough.

Think analytically, rigorously, and systematically about a business problem and come up with a solution that leverages the available data


Information is the oil of the 21st century, and analytics is the combustion engine
Peter Sondergaard
Gartner Research

Our Mission

The goal is to turn data into information and information into insight.


“Errors using inadequate data are much less than those using no data at all.” – Charles Babbage, mathematician, engineer, inventor, and philosopher.

By this point, it’s probably safe to say your company’s execs are all too familiar with the siren song of big data – the abundance of information at your fingertips, the unprecedented insight into customer preference and behavior, the veritable golden age of hyper-relevant marketing and better-informed decision making to come. But knowing really is only half the battle. The truly difficult and critical part is learning how to distinguish between data that is interesting vs. data that is important — and determining how to best leverage customer information into actionable insights and results is our expertise.